Thursday, 19 October 2017

Remembering the Black Monday stock market crash.

It is the 30th anniversary of the Black Market crash.

for an introduction to what happened in Wall street read this essay from the Federal Reserve history
More detailed is this working paper from Mark Carlson.

Library of Congress has a brief history plus a bibliography of basic readings taken from its colections.

There is a broader history of stock market crises from CFA institute

For some contemporary accounts see:

Report of the Presidential Task Force on Market Mechanisms : submitted to The President of the United States, The Secretary of the Treasury, and The Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. Official US government treasury report 1988.

Shiller, Robert. “Portfolio Insurance and Other Investor Fashions as Factors in the 1987 Stock Market CrashNBER Macroeconomics Annual 3 (1988): 287-97.

 The October 1987 Market Break a speech - remarks given by David Ruder of the US Securitiies and exchange commission in 1988 on the impact on US japanese securities regulation.

Guardian archive photographs from 1987.

30th anniversary analysis
Wall Street Journal also has a video of oral history recollections.

Search for more references on the BIS Central Bank research hub.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Is the NHS getting worse? take a look at our resources

According to the BBC waiting times in the NHS for accident and emergency, cancer appointments and Accident and emergency are lengthening.

They have created a NHS tracker- enter your postcode to see if your local health authority is meeting its targets.

To get further information on the targets and expected waitings times view the NHS England website
They also have detailed monthly statistics on  performance in 15 areas dating back to 2006. Data are shown at provider organisation level, from NHS Trusts, NHS Foundation Trusts and Independent Sector Providers

Some organisations which scruntinise NHS performance include the Nuffield Trust. It you search its website you can find reports and analysis of all aspects of health service provision.

It has set up Quality Watch. which is tracking over 300 indicators over time to monitor performance in health and social care

The Kings Fund also issues reports and data on the NHS. 

 IFS conducts research  on health economics. This includes some analysis on the NHS

Stakeholders whose websites regularly issue documents and prerss releases comenting on NHS performance include:

NHS Confederation regularly expresses concern about health funding.

Royal College of Surgeons

Royal College of Nursing.