Monday, 20 February 2017

Social justice day 2017: follow our free resources

20th Februrary is World Social Justice day

the 2017 Theme: "Preventing conflict and sustaining peace through decent work
it was adopted by a UN resolution in 2007
Another key document is the adoption in 2008 by the ILO of the  Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization

In the UK
get data on wage levels and working conditions try these resources.

The ONS maintains annual data on working hours and salaries. This has 
Data on levels, distribution and make-up of earnings and hours worked for UK employees by sex and full-time or part-time status in all industries and occupations.

low pay 

The UK government has released a list of 350 employers who failed to the minimum wage . The Page also has facts on the key industrial sectors concerned.

For evidence about low pay in the UK See the Low Pay Commission website which has reports and national minimum wage calculator.
The Office for National Statistics has bulletins on the number of employee jobs with pay less than the National Minimum Wage or the new National Living Wage in the UK .
It also has statistics on average working hours and pay /
There is a table on zero hours contracts from 2015

 There is also a recent visualization of the Gender pay gap
Other sources which are good for examining gender and other pay inequalities.
Including the TUC website which monitors this from a trade union perspective.

High pay centre which has information on 'fat cats' the difference between chief Executive pay and other workers.

European Union Data

Global Data
The ILO produces an anual Global Wages report which surveys key trends as well as offering data.
World Social Security report looks at levels of coverage of social insurnace, social welfare benefits