Thursday, 9 February 2017

Russia - women and domestic violence - find out more

The Russian Parliament this week passed a law which effectively 'decriminalised domestic violence"

Amnesty International said the law put more women at risk
and it was condemned by the British government
and Human Rights Watch

The problem of domestic violence in Russia
for background information on the situation and links to recent reports - try the Stop Violence Against Women website
There is a also a useful Human Rights Brief from Joy Ziegeweid which gives an account of a 2014 visit.

Russia ia signatory to CEDAW as a result it is subject to regular periodic reviews. Useful reports relating to domestic violence include:
. Concluding Observations: Russian Federation". Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women. 2002.
in 2010 the Anna Centre submitted a report on the prevalence of violence against women
and again in 2015 an updated report
Russia Helsinki Group also has some reports 
The Sisters sexual assault recovery center in Moscow is a support group. Its Russian language website has details of services

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