Monday, 26 October 2015

Tax credits - will people be worse off? See our academic links.

This week working tax credits are in the news. The House of Lords will be debating proposed changes.
Their website will have live video coverage and a transcript of the debates.

The BBC provides an introduction to the proposed changes.
A more in-depth introduction to the issues is provided with this House of Commons Library research paper. which provides information on the legislation, policy, supporters and opponents.

Policy documents.
UK government current tax credit information. 
Proposed legislation
HMRC statistics on current number of claimants
House of Lords  draft scrutiny report of proposed legislation.

Academic analysis
Social Security Advisory committee analysis
Policy in Practice have released a report stating that the Lords should block the measure in their debate
Instead they propose an alternative system of universal credit.
New Policy Institute analysis of how the minimum wage interacts with the benefits system Feb 2015
IFS post-budget briefing July 2015 and analysis of the compensation offered by the new national living wage.
Social Market Foundation commentary
Guardian newspaper summaries of research.
Resolution Foundation analysis 
Frank Field MP criticisms.
Hansard Society 

Union and campaign group responses.
TUC criticism 
and Touchstone blog commentary

Unison dont take the tax credit document . They also have a calculator on their website to measure the impact on income.
Child Poverty Action Group 
Low Incomes Tax reform Group concerns
Gingerbread - single parents worse hit
Disability Rights UK

Research on living wage
Joseph Rowntree research on minimum income standards.

Trust for London research on Living wage in the capital



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