Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The social science of star wars! Enjoy our links

As the new star wars film opens - to great anticipation here are some special links for social scientists!
See some comment and links to historic resources on the BFI blog .search their library catalogue for references to printed materials (books and journal articles) covering all aspects of the film

 the Star Wars project for an example of project which is gathering data on fans and popular culture, tracing the reaction to the film. The official star wars site also has a news section which links to comment and articles on its influence and appearance in popular culture

This research from Cass Sunstein, Harvard Law school considers how Star Wars illuminates constitutional law.

However other researchers have focused on the economics of Star Wars

Zachery Feinstein from the University of Washington in st Louis recently analysed financial risk in the Star wars galaxy. Download his results from!

Look for references to more working papers and articles covering economics and cultural studies on Repec. Many are free online

For a more conventional analysis of the franchise read the FT report. LSR staff and students have access via

Box office numbers from Nash Information services has data on costs and income for each film in the series

Independent quotes research that the latest film will add 150 million to the economy

view the most recent accounts from Pinewood studios online

The Guardian charts the changing nature of box office promotion over the time span of the series

LSE students have access to Euromonitor which has some reports on the franchise. Other databases for industry analysis include

ABI/INform Complete

Business Source Complete
Leading business research database which provides access to the text of several thousand journals covering business, management, human resources, finance and market research topics. Find articles on the media industry.

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