Tuesday, 12 January 2016

David Bowie - master of marketing? see some social science research

This week saw the sad death of David Bowie
One aspect of his career was his skill of reinvention.
The Conversation discusses aspects of this in some postings from UK academics.
Paul du Noyer Mojo magazine reprints some interviews from 1990, 2002/2003 with Bowie on his website
New Music Express obituary

Toni Eagar and Andrew Lindridge (2014) ,"Becoming Iconic: David Bowie From Man to Icon" (available for free download from Association for Consumer Research website discusses his creation as a celebrity icon and brand
LSE staff and students can read this article from the Journal of Marketing 2014 which examines his branding and readaptation throughout his career. Also worth exploring is Deakin university research repository which has references to articles about Bowie from celebrity studies titles. Some can be downloaded in full text. These include: Cinque, Toija and Redmond, Sean 2013, Who is he now? The unearthly David Bowie, Celebrity studies journal, vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 377-379.

see more examples of his promotional videos on the official YouTube channel 
examples of album covers and promotional photographs on the V&A collections website.
Campaign magazine highlights his contribution to marketing campaigns by showcasing 5 online ads.

LSE staff and students can use Library search to search for more articles on the economics and sociology and cultural studies of David Bowie. try restricting the search to Ebsco to find articles from Ebsco databases including Socindex and Mass media and communication complete

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