Tuesday, 19 April 2016

School places - is the allocation fair?

This week primary school place offers were made.
Some commentators have stated that the allocation is unfair. Use  these academic resources to find out more.
a Good introduction to the method of allocating places which has links to relevant official documents. Is this House of Commons Library Briefing paper
UK government website provides facts on the admissions process . It also provides official data on school admissions and place allocation by local area.
The Office of School Adjudicator has information on appeals to admissions decisions
London Councils administer allocation schemes . There website has several reports on the pressure on school places in the capital

In 2016 Labour Party analysis argued that 1 in 4 schools was oversubscribed.
For further data and reports on this see the Local Government Association website 
and London Councils which has published reports with data for primary and secondary schools.
Teach First stated that 'The poorest families are four times more likely to have to send their child to a primary school which requires improvement or is inadequate compared to the wealthiest families'.
A recent briefing by the Sutton Trust -Caught Out also considers socioeconomic background and school intake it calls for a closer examination of social mix in schools.
This is echoed by RISE: the campaign for Research and information on State Education. also calls for more balanced intake to schools.

for further academic discussion see the Conversation.
NFER on the web has links to recent reports and is great for current awareness

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