Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Celebrate gay pride with our free academic resources

24th June - 9th July is Gay Pride
find out about events in London on the Pride in London site.

Is Gay Pride still necessary?
the publication of the Stonewall school 2017 report shows this week shows that while bullying has declined over 40& of LGBT pupils have suffered bullying and one in 5 have attempted suicide.

Recently the LSE EUROPP blog published research by Cevat Giray Aksoy, Christopher S. Carpenter and Jefferson Frank which found that find that gay men earn less than straight ones and heterosexual women earn less than lesbians

According to the 2016 Hate Crime report from GALOP 4 out of 5 LGBT people in the UK had experienced hate crime
More shocking figures can be obtained form the Stonewall website  which has recent examples of research

Explore some digital archives.

NYPL has some great online photographic collections of gay pride events.
explore the International Gay Information Center collection.
see Tinkerbell was a fairy too!

Pride in Plymouth LGBT Community archive has a flickr site with photos from a range of events and campaigns.

LSE Library has a great flickr album from its Glad to be gay exhibition held in 2017. This has images from the 1974 march. 
You can also find out more about the LSE LGBT archive collections.

Rainbow History Project Washington DC has a number of online exhibits.
see some Gay is good campaign materials and photos.

Wearing gay history
 digitized t-shirt collections of numerous lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender archives across the United States explore some great examples online.

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