Tuesday, 24 November 2015

2015 - Spending Review and Autumn Statement - try these free resources

The government will publish a joint Spending Review and Autumn Statement on 25 November 2015.
Here are some recommended resources for academic research

The official government website is a good starting point . It provides an explanation of the process.
HM Treasury has supporting documents.
Office of Budget Responsibility has financial data and forecasts 

A House of Commons  briefing paper. gives detailed background on the context and aims of the review

 Newspaper Coverage
Guardian articles and comment on public sector cuts.
Observer comment
Dods news service speculation

Tax advisors commentary and analysis
Smith Williamson

Economic Analysis
IFS analysis and observations.
IEA briefing.

Submissions- Economic policy
ICEAW- accountants 
Economica - ICEAW analysis 
British Chambers of Commerce.
Federation of Small Businesses
Institute of Directors.

Submissions- Social Policy/ education policy
Joseph Rowntree Fund

Universities UKLocal Government Association
National Housing Federation
Class Centre for Labour and Social studies.

Twitter analysis - has links to comment from key figures and organisations.

Expert response from the Conversation response.

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