Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Google and tax - check out our free academic resources

The agreement between Google and the UK tax authorities to pay £130m in back taxes in the UK has sparked a controversy.
for brief guides to this see the BBC website
Guardian key points

Chancellor George Osborne called it a victory in a twitter posting

Labour 's John McDonnell has published his return in the Sunday Mirror see his website for the full forms

Reaction from other organisations think tanks
The Independent sees the row as a gift to Labour
Spectator Blogs also say it is convenient for them in another posting it emphasises the services google gives to Britain
Left Foot Forward Labour party supporters say the deal is unacceptable
Huffington Post coverage 
Academic discussion via the Conversation blog 
Discussion from the Institute of Fiscal Studies discusses corporation tax.

Reaction from international bodies.
OECD tax policy and agreements.
Its website has information on its projects to tackle aggressive tax planning.

 The Wall street journal reported antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager determination to pursue Alhabet and Google
European Union press release on the anti-tax avoidance package. 

The UK Tax Justice Network has called for a full EU investigation

UK government tax avoidance policy more recent documents are added to the UK government portal section on tax evasion and avoidance.

The charity Full Fact has been analysing the claims. that google only pays 3% tax. Find out if this is true from their website.
Public Accounts Select Committee investigations
this link provides access to questioning and previous reports including   a report on Google and Tax avoidance in 2013 
Other investigations of tax avoidance have included a report on the role of large accountancy firms.
The Treasury select committee has just launched an Inquiry into  UK Tax policy

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