Tuesday, 23 February 2016

London Fashion Week- Economic research

It is London Fashion Week
but how much does the fashion industry contribute to the economy? Get some facts from our recommended academic resources.
The official fashion week website has some Mintel facts and figures
£26billion direct contribution to the UK economy (GDP) from the UK fashion industry, up from £21billion in 2009 (Oxford Economics, 2014)
£10.7billion spent on fashion online in the UK in 2014 (expected to reach £19billion by 2019) (Mintel, 2014)
£9billion - value of the web-based fashion and footwear market in the UK, it is predicted to grow to £11billion (Euromonitor, 2015)

For more indepth research try the British Fashion Council website This has calculations of the direct value to the economy.

Further data can be found on the Creative Industries website
and estimates on the creative industries, published by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport

 Search for articles and reports/ working papers
on Repec.
SSRN Working papers.
Business and Management Studies Portal (free registration recommended). offers free access to some full text reports. It is maintained by the British Library.

Further research sources.
The British Library Business and IP Centre has a list of reports and databases which it makes available to the public covering fashion.  

LSE staff and students have access to:
  • Web Of Science - provides access to articles covering all aspects of the sciences, social sciences and humanities. Many dating from the 19th century onwards. Also enables you to quickly locate highly cited articles in your subject area.
  • Scopus - covers a wide range of science and social science subject areas including media and communication studies and the media industry. Abstracts and indexes over 20,000 titles mostly from 1996 to present. Quickly locate highly cited articles.  
  • ABI/INform Complete
    Access references and full text articles from leading business databases and newspapers published since 1971. It is offered on the proquest site where you can cross search it with other business databases including Asian Business, Proquest entrepreneurship.
  • Business Source Complete 
    Leading business research database which provides access to the text of several thousand journals covering business, management, human resources, finance and market research topics. Find articles on the media industry.
  • Emerald
    is a database of references to articles taken from around 450 top management and business journals. The coverage is international but with a UK bias. The database covers the years from 1989 onwards and is updated monthly.

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