Tuesday, 8 March 2016

International Womens 's Day today - why it is still necessary

Today we celebrate international Women's day
In 2016 the theme is pledge for parity.

in 2015 the World Economic Forum estimated that it would take until 2133 to close the global gender gap

In the UK the Fawcett Society has released some infographics that show 
29 % of MPs are women, 45% of academics are women but only 22% of professors,
They have also released this week a nationwide poll
‘Parents, work and care: Striking the Balance’ which shows disparity in perceptions of working mothers - the CEO stated.
'The motherhood penalty and daddy bonus are still a strong feature of our workplaces. It’s clear that when a woman has a baby she is overwhelmingly perceived as becoming less committed to her job, while a dad is much more likely to be seen as more committed.  This drives inequality and forces women and men into traditional male breadwinner, female carer roles.’
The UCU Union released a report called Holding down Women's Pay

Recently the House of Lords discussed women's empowerment - the progress and what still needs to be done.
Rights Info has a great posting on the struggle for women's rights and what still needs to be done.
Oxfam has a page on development frameworks and women with highlighted news and resources.

 On a more positive note.
Read the statement on the United Nations website 
TES has collections of classroom resources and lesson plans for teachers.
See some feminist political posters from India on UW Madison digital library
Be inspired by the words of women's liberation activists on the BL Sisterhood and Beyond history website.
 and the twitter updates #IWD2016
and LSE Women Making history

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