Monday, 9 May 2016

Happy Europe Day - try our favourite EU research research resources

9th May is Europe Day which celebrates peace and unity in Europe

Discover more about the history, this year's events and hear the European Anthem! on the special Robert Schuman Foundation website

Get some more official information and read the text of the Schuman daclaration on the EU website

Here are some favourite free resources covering Europe - which all student should know about.

EU sites
  • The EU makes available many free statistics via Eurostat
  • Eurobarometer polls are great for getting insight into public opinion for EU citizens. What do they really think of the EU
  • EUR-Lex - free access to laws and treaties of the EU

Literature searching.
Subscription resources.
These are offered by LSE but are often available in other academic libraries.
LSE Subject guide for European Institute.Check the journals tab for databases

  • CELEX via Justis (LSE staff and students only) - archive of legal and judicial materials. European Court of Justice judgments since 1952.

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