Tuesday, 24 May 2016

How to beat exam stress - insights from Psychology

 Published this week an interesting article on how to beat exam stress with the power of your mind
but what does psychological research say about stress ?

Matthew Owens, Jim Stevenson, Julie A. Hadwin, Roger Norgate. When does anxiety help or hinder cognitive test performance? The role of working memory capacity. British Journal of Psychology, 2012; DOI: 10.1111/bjop.12009  found that in a study of 96 school students, anxiety only had a negative effect on test results if memory was also poor.. On the contrary if memory was good, anxiety resulted in better results. .
However exam time  does often lead to poor diets.

Perceived changes in food intake in response to stress: The role of conscientiousness.
O'Connor, Daryl B. ; O'Connor, Rory C. ; Stress and Health: Journal of the International Society for the Investigation of Stress, 2004, Vol.20 (5), p.279-292
These results suggest that when faced with a stressful encounter,individuals who are perfectionists  may be less well equipped to cope and as a result start to eat more  high energy snacks 

Other free places where you can search for high quality psychology articles on this topic are:

On a more practical note Mind has shared 14 tips from students to beat exam stress 
Student minds have a top 5 

PsyDok  open access repository  that specialises in psychology. Has links to papers and articles.

PubPsych –This freely accessible search portal for psychology. Content contains the records of approximately 9,000 journal articles, books and book chapters, intervention programmes, research data, and psychodiagnostic tests from all sub-fields of psychology. Many records contain links to full texts, where available.

PsychSpider – Search engine searches for references to articles and papers relating to psychology. Many in German

Subscription databases include: PsychInfo
Web of Science

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