Wednesday, 17 August 2016

24 Hour Tube - what will be the impact? Here is some academic research

As the 25 hour tube starts on parts of the London Underground network this week. Here are some sources of research on its possible impact.

The Transport for London website has the map of coverage and details of the service.
In 2014 it published a report by Volterra on the possible impact on the night time economy of London.
This recorded  'gross impact of 1,965 permanent jobs'  and 'Standard business case shows that for each £1
spent on delivering the Night Tube, benefits will be £2.70.'
A recent report by the Night Time Industry Association called Forward Into The Night identified that the night time economy in town centres and cities provides an increase in employment by 10-16%.

 In a more recent paper London First recorded impact on the economy of London. It estimated using EY figures' an extra £2 billion a year of Gross Value Added (GVA) by 2029'.

CACI data looked at who will use the tube in more detail in its paper Mind the Gap it stated that the Transport for London report 'fails to acknowledge that the majority of night-time economy workersearn below the minimum wage

Concerns have also been raised about policing by a London Assembly Committee
A FOI request shows impact assessments done by the Metropolitan police service
London Councils response
Association of Letting Agents say it could raise rents in outer London

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