Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Columbia - end of war?

This week a historic peace deal was signed in Columbia . But what does it mean ? Find out more about the war in our research briefing.

Columbian government website- has news in Spanish.
United Nations has established a peace mission in Columbia. The official website has news and reports.

News coverage and reaction.
Guardian newspaper
The Conversation has some discussion form academics.
Foreign policy

Think tank analysis and background on the conflict.
Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA)  has a Columbia Peace process blog which is monitoring the situation

UNRIC background information.
Insight on conflict has good background history
Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch has analysis of the agreement.
Conciliation resources has a report on innovations in the peace process.
Council on Foreign Relations.
Brookings Institution
National Security Archive George Washington University has a project to declassify secret US policy towards Columbia. Its website provides free access to many papers.

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