Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Carers Week 2016 - why is it important?

This week is carers week 2016
Carers Uk estimates that 6.5 million people in the Uk are carers
Carers Uk annual state of Caring report published in May 2016 over 6,149 people shared their views and experiences on what life is like for carers in 2016. A key finding is that 20% of carers providing 50 hours or more support a week are receiving no support with their caring role. They also suffer negative impacts on finances and health and many have been negatively effected by recent changes to welfare assessments.
 Carers often find it very difficult to continue to work. CIPD has recently published a report on creating a enabling workplace culture
UK Government reports on supporting working carers. have also considered future policy challenges
IPPR reports in 2014 highlighted the increasing need for social care in an aging society and the potential this has for negative impact on families and other carers 

To find more references to related reports try searching
Social Care online which indexes articles and reports.
British Library Social Welfare portal (register for some full text access).
PSSRU research has reports and programmes 

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