Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Euro 2016 - what is it worth? an economics perspective!

As the Euros open. Here are some interesting articles and reports on their economics
In 2015 UEFA produced a document outlining social responsibility and sustainability it includes  expected revenues and attendance as well as policies on social responsibility .
The 2016 press guide has information on the costs of the stadiums and marketing  agreements as well as lots of other facts and figures about the tournament.
 See if the predictions are right!
A recent article from the Conversation discussed the revenue and prize money
To consider sponsorship and the tournament take a look at Campaign.
It is publishing
Leo Burnett's Brandtasy League table will rank the performance of both sponsors and non-sponsors during Euro 2016
Which are the most expensive teams? CIES Football observatory has reports on transfer values.According to Weekly Post 153 England players have the highest transfer values.
AAT has also calculated squad values and concludes that
five teams with the shortest odds on winning the tournament, Germany, Spain, Belgium, England and France have the most expensive squads

 Further research.
Try searching for working papers on the economics of football via:
 SSRN  elibrary

For subscription based economics databases try the LSE Library subject guide. It has a journals tab with a list.

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