Monday, 20 June 2016

Euro 2016- who will win? predictions from economics!

As the 2016 Euro progress - who will win?
Get some predictions from economists!
Goldman Sachs has some predictions (made on June 3rd) by econometricians. This states that that France has a 23% probability of winning the trophy, followed by Germany at 20%, Spain at 14%, and England at 11%. Consult the website to find out more.

See the World Football ELO ratings. maintained by Raoul S. da Silva Curiel based on the Elo rating system, developed by Dr. Arpad Elo.

Cup-o-nomics explores the relationship between football and behavioural economics.See the full report from ING. Find out who sectators think will win and what they would sacrifice for their team to reach the final!

LSE Professor of Managerial Economics and Strategy Ignacio Palacios-Huerta has examined the football penalty shoot-out using a branch of game theory called mixed strategy play. One finding from an analysis of 2,820 penalty kicks from games held between 1970 and national and international competitions was that team shooting first wins 60 % of the time.

 Further research.
Try searching for working papers on the economics of football via:
 SSRN  elibrary

For subscription based economics databases try the LSE Library subject guide. It has a journals tab with a list. 

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