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Are we militant? The Vote December 1913

Continuing in the series of alternative advent calendars from the Womens Freedom League the Vote.
December, 24th 1913
This special christmas issue promises to 'amuse and enlighten.'
An interesting article on page 142 in which the writer discusses common confusion about the differences between the different women's suffrage organisations. She refers to the WFL as being militant in terms of tactics such as tax non payment . However it is  distinguished from other organisations by the fact that they are non-violent. Although she does not criticise the other organisations. She also makes the point that the original label of militant was made in about 1905 when women were labelled as such for holding protest meetings , something that it was quite commonplace for men to do and which would not have been considered out of the ordinary.

Other interesting features intended to amuse a one act play called the Shadow of the Sofa in which this piece of furniture is confiscated as a result of the women of the house not paying their taxes!

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