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the Characteristic of the militant suffragette is self-sacrifice - The Vote 5th December 1909

 Continuing in our series of alternative suffragette advent calendars.
9th December 1909
This issue  has on page 75 a useful introduction to the early history of the Women's Freedom League which sets out the opinion of the members on its aims . On this is written the 'characteristic of the militant suffragette which distinguishes her from all others is the spirit of self-sacrifice'. The writer then gives her  perspective on why the WFL split  from the suffrage union created by Mrs Pankhurst. It also contains the interesting fact that at the time of the establishment funds equalled only £2 2s 1d.
Another insightful article is
'On why I want the vote'  which shows a range of opinions about the motivations of women suffragettes and the conflict between female domesticity and equality.  One members writes that home is 'still the happiest place for a woman' but she feels women should have the vote in order to 'not become an encumberance'. However, for others like Ethel Snowden the aims are much broader to fight for equal rights and pay for working women.
Interesting adverts in this issue- extracts from the forthcoming women's yuletide pageant as well on page 31 a recommendation for a biscuit that cures - well at least diabetes !

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