Monday, 15 December 2014

Women are not 'spoilt children of the Law' The Vote December 1912

This statement was made in regards to a review of divorce laws  in December 21, 1912. edition of the Vote published by the Womens Freedom League. This article shows a scholarly analysis of the history of recent law reforms relating to marriage and divorce. It also focuses upon the economic inequalities suffered by women who found it more difficult to 'earn a subsistence wage'

Economic inequality is again a key issue. There is an article which analyses contemporary statistics on working women and women in employers in France.

There is also a very interesting article entitled drastic measures which considers whether it is necessary to take direct action. It argues that instead of drastic measures being taken against women protestors it is necessary to take action against those who make it necessary for them to rebel. Again the argument is presented in economic terms

finally on the book table of recommended new works-
with Woman and Tomorrow by Mr WL George which is praised for stating that the home is the enemy of the woman! These reviews are useful for discussing issues relating to feminism and the role of women.

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