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Tax resistance is the most logical and dignified action - The Vote December 1911

Continuing in our alternative advent series. from the Vote December 16th 1911.
This issue describes one of the key moves taken  by the League - the withholding of taxes. On Page 88 it gives an account of the Tax resistance League which passed a resolution declaring it the most dignified and logical form of protest against non-representation on the grounds that women could not influence or express an opinion on how the taxes were spent.

Also this week the League discussed the injustices of a man-made parliament legislating about women's work against their wishes. It referred to discussion of limiting women's work at the pit head on the grounds that it was too physically demanding without consulting the women workers themselves.
It also considered whether men should be admitted to the membership. on page 89. In an open letter the editor raises it as a means to address criticisms that suffragists are anti-men.

Finally on a lighter note.
in a Good Idea for christmas shopping page 88. one reader describes how the value of the Vote was in helping her on a 'voyage of discovery ' to local shops in Croydon. where among a group of women one as able to purchase some foot easers for 7s 6d!

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