Thursday, 11 December 2014

The WFL suffragette hat - Vote december 23, 1911

Continuing in our alternative series from December 23, 1911
Interestingly the issue gives information on products which were being produced by canny manufacturers with the suffragette market in mind - the word of the song - women join hands which was suitable for meetings was available from Messrs Bach and co at special rates of discount, on page 105 there is a hat made by Louise in WFL colours in green felt with white quills and a gold buckle!

Christmas events arranged by various branches include 'at home' with recitations, whist drives at the London Branch which fostered an air of camaraderie and a xmas fair at the suffragette atelier where crafts were displayed. This has some rather intriguing remarks about the gift of a mangle and the unusual uses to which it might be put. But there was also a serious scholarly note to the journal.

The description of an evening event in honour of John Hampden gives accounts of speeches by Mrs Despard who expresses her opinions on why it is necessary for women to break the law by withholding their taxes. The issue also considers the attitude of individual cabinet ministers towards the suffrage cause.

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