Thursday, 4 December 2014

The cellar was full of police - The Vote December 1910

 Continuing in our series of alternative suffragette advent calendars.
December 3rd 1910 of the Vote has some interesting articles focussing upon the police treatment of suffragette activities and events in the run up to the general election.
In the account of the at Home at Caxton Hall p.63, the writer refers to a heavy police presence around Westminster, resulting in the  the cellar of the meeting hall being full of police - a fact which must have pleased 'criminals in other parts of London'.
On page 70 a male supporter refers to the slander, criticisms and violence he and his fellow comrades have faced  by politicians for supporting women's suffrage
The rest of the edition decribes in some details the run up to the election. It setts out dissatisfaction with Keir-Hardie's pledges and the strong desire for the date of change to be set for 1911.

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