Monday, 8 December 2014

Why Men protest - The Vote Dec 24, 1910

Continuing in the advent calendar series from December 24, 1910
Why men protest an account from a member of the Men's Political Union for Women's Enfranchisement which gives interesting insight into the reasons why some men supported or did not support the cause.
The issue also shows the wider interest that the WFL had in the cause of working women as in an article on page 105 it urges readers to consult an article on married working women. This rebuts the criticism that married wives are unintelligent or poor at managing their households. Instead it quotes extensively from findings relating to the working class poor where women are supporting households and managing money.

Another interesting feature is the international focus. The WFL showed an interest in the rights of women worlwide as this issue alone features a biographical sketch of an American campaigner, a discussion of the vote for women in India, an advert for the International Womens Franchise Club and a letter from a Russian Women's organisation.

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