Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas message - Vote 1914

Continuing in our series of alternative advent postings from the Globe
A christmas message from December 25, 1914. p. 438 referred to the hardship of war - but recorded that joy comes of service. Interestingly it is international in scope making reference to men and women working for their 'several nations' and the need for a harvest and redemption for European nations. This theme is continued by a balanced discussion of working conditions for married women in Germany.
Recommended reading is a scholarly text by the Fabian Society on women workers in seven professions which is praised for its insistence upon the need for equal pay. The rights of women workers is also raised in the open column where a reader states that one outcome of the war has been to address a previous injustice to allow women to be employed as doctors but the writer would like to know whether these lady doctors would be considered suitable to earn the same salaries as men.

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